Thursday, December 31, 2009

Headed Home

We just got done at the Museum just a few minutes ago. Right now I'm in the Target parking lot waiting for Jen to pick a few things up so I have few minutes to blog. I asked each of the boys what their favorite part was, Marshall says his favorite part was all of it but he really liked getting the free plastic lizard toy from the cafe. Clancey said his favorite thing was seeing the turtles but I'm sure he liked his little lizard toy the most too. Nothing like traveling for an hour to get somewhere, dump $25 on tickets to get in and their favorite thing was a 10 cent plastic toy they got. I guess that's what being a parent is all about. ;)  All in all the boys had a good time they got to touch stuff, pretend they were driving a steamboat, and see a lot of fish. They are both pretty tired now and I'm sure they will nap on the way home.

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Jenn said...

We spent a week in Memphis with my parents and nieces and nephew (my brothers kids). We took them everywhere; what was my 9 year old neice's favorite thing of the entire week? Eating a picnic dinner in the hotel room one night. My 6 year old nephew? Swimming in the hotel pool. Evidently a night in a Motel 6 is their idea of heaven. (-: