Saturday, October 31, 2009

Done with Trick or Treatting

We just got the boys put to bed after a long night trick or treating. At first Clancey was a little timid about going up to the houses but after he figured out that people were giving out free candy he would charge up the stairs and start banging on the door. Since this is Marshall's 5th time trick or treating he's an old pro now. In fact he was a little upset that Clancey wasn't able to walk faster and holding us up. We ended up trick or treating for about 2 hours and the boys got tons of treats. By the end of the night Marshall asked me to hold his candy because it was too heavy for him. Hard to believe we are done with Halloween and heading into the Christmas season. I Jen is already gearing up for a pretty big Christmas this year. :)

Trick or Treating

Were just getting ready head out and trick or treat. The boys are excited.

Boy Day

Marsh and I decided that we would go and do a boy day before trick or treating tonight. First we decided to hit lunch at Casa Las Glorias then I think we may head to Best Buy or the used video game store to check some Xbox 360 games. Although today isn't totally about fun, mommy is going to send a grocery list for us to do some shopping. On a side note the Hawks are losing to Indiana right now it sure would be a good day to see them lose :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day at the Auction

Well we are back home after our full day at the auction. It went pretty good we ended up getting quite a few different things, stuff we probably didn't need, for next to nothing. I did manage to get my basketball hoop down. I used to do quite a bit of climbing a few years back so I have a bunch climbing gear that I used to lower the hoop down. People kept giving me wierd looks as I was hanging straps and ropes from the rafters but in the end, with the help of Jen, I got it down without incident. Jen ended up buying 3 doors and a chalk board, for a friend, so we spent most of the afternoon tearing that stuff out.

While we were at the auction Grandma Marsha watched the boys. From what I heard they had a great time. I think they played nearly every game in the house and I'm sure did stuff daddy doesn't allow ;) All in all I think everyone had a great weekend.

Basketball Hoop

Hmmm. I bought this basketball hoop and steel backboard for $2.50 but now how in the hell do I get it down. I'm going to have to get quite inventive or I may be leaving my hoop behind ;)

Mechanicsville School Auction

Jen and I decided to come over and check out the school auction in Mechanicsville today. I've never been to an auction before so this has been quite the expierence so far. So far I've bought two things a basketball hoop and a battery backup for my computer. I really would like a chalkboard but I bet they will be popular so I may not get one. On a side note they sold the entire stage floor for 30 dollars.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clancey the Cake Thief

This afternoon after everyone had left Jen and I decided to relax on the couch in front of the TV for a while. The boys were off playing in the other room so everything was pretty relaxed. All of a sudden everything was really quiet in the other room. Against our better parenting instincts we continued to relax and enjoy the quiet. All of a sudden Marshall came storming into the living room to tell us Clancey was getting into trouble. Jen and I both ran to the kitchen to find Clancey had pulled a chair up to the left over cake and was enjoying an afternoon snack. You can always count on Clancey to get into trouble ;)

Iowa State Beats Nebraska

For the first time since 1977 Iowa State has beat Nebraska in Lincoln 9-7. This is turning out to be a great day, Clancey's birthday party, ISU victory over our arch nemesis Nebraska, now if the Suckeye's could go and lose it would be great. Not only did we beat Nebraska but we have 5 wins on the year now and will be bowl eligible with one more win this year. Who would have thought that we would be looking at heading to a bowl game this year. Being a Cyclone fan is a lot of work but it is worth it when you get big wins like today. Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!

Clancey's Birthday

Clancey Eating BDay Cake

Clancey couldn't wait for his utensil to start eating his cake so he started eating it like a dog ;)

Clancey's Birthday

Today we are celebrating Clancey's birthday today with the family. His birthday is actually Monday but kind of hard to have a family birthday party on that day. Hard to believe that Clancey is already 2 years old. I know its cliche' but next thing you know he will be graduating college.
Here is a picture of the cake Jen slaved over late into the night. No store bought cakes for her every year she hand makes the boys cake to whatever they want. She got off a little easier with Clancey then Marshall one year he asked for a plane, train, car, and tunnel. Sure enough after many hours of labor Marshall got what he wanted.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Has Arrived

As we were getting ready to head out the door this morning I looked out the front of the house and saw this outside. You get so busy doing things that time passes and you don't realize that another season is upon us. Next thing you know I'll be taking pictures of the first winter storm of the year.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Lockers

Recently Jen discovered Craigslist and shortly after that she discovered the free section on the site. Jen being a person who loves a bargin really enjoys searching through all the free stuff searching for that diamond in the rough. Yesturday she found her first item, a set of old lockers. So today I had to go over to the guys house to pick up the lockers. I asked him how long he had them on Craigslist and he tokd me he posted them at 6pm and had 5 emails by 7:30pm from people who wanted. Apparently Jen was quickest on the draw and "won" the lockers. Now the bigs question is how long they will sit in the basement before Jen gets them sanded and painted. I'm afraid this could be the first of many Craigslist items to find a new home at our house ;)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Afternoon at the Park

This afternoon we decided we would head over to Palisades Kepler State Park to get out for a while afte being stuck in the house for a week with the swine flu. Now we aren't totally done with the flu yet on the way over Clancey started to cough in his sleep and ended up puking all over himself and his seat. We got him cleaned up and kept on our way to the park. Once we got there we hiked and climbed and had a good old time. The leaves were starting to change so it was really scenic as well. Of course Mr. Independent Clancey refused to hold anyones hand so we hand to keep a really close eye on him so he didn't hurt himself hiking over the rugged terrian. All in all it was fun day and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Swine Flu Day 4

Swine flu day 4 has finally seen some improvement in how the boys are feeling. Marshall didn't have a fever all day and Clancey's fever has come down to 100 and below for most of the day. We may finally be over our experience with the swine flu. Jen and I both got a little sick but nothing major some coughs, minor fevers other then that we got off pretty easy. I'm just glad to be done with the swine flu really early in the year before everyone else gets it and the ER's and doctors offices are full. By Monday Marshall should be back in school and everything should be back to normal around the house. Yeah!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Swine Flu Day 3

Day 3 with the swine flu started really early today, at midnight in fact. Last night Clancey came down with the swine flu in full effect and we ended up rushing him to the emergency room at midnight with a 103.5 temp and trouble breathing. When we got him there they managed to get some Tylenol in him which brought down his temp and gave him an albuterol treatment which helped clear his breathing some. The doctors told us that he was wheezing some but as long as we kept his temperature down with drugs his breathing wouldn't get any worse and we would be alright taking him home. It was about 3 before we got home and when we got up this morning Jen called the doctor the first thing and of course he wanted to see him so at noon we were back in CR at the doctors office. He told us the same things officially diagnosed him with the swine flu and sent us home with a nebulizer. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we are done with doctors visits for this damn sickness and in the next few day the boys start to feel better.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Swine Flu Day 2

Day two after being diagnosed with the swine flu Marshall is starting to get a little better. His temp is down to 101 and he managed to get off the couch a little and play today. Clancey hasn't gotten as sick as Marshall but is pretty stuffed up and running a bit of a temp. Hopefully in the next couple days both the boys will be feeling better.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Marshall and the Swine Flu

With Marshall's temperature being so high she decided it was time to take him into the doctor. After getting checked out by the doctor he was diagnosed with the H1N1 otherwise known as the swine flu. He assured us it was no big deal that Marshall would be alright he just had to stay home for the next week and rest. He prescribed Tamiflu for both the boys so hopefully Clancey doesn't end up with it. I'm sure everyone at work is going to be real happy that I'm exposing them to the swine flu ;).

After sitting at the pharmacy for more then an hour waiting on Jen to get the boys Tamiflu she finally came out a little frazzled. Apparently they had to make the Tamiflu from pills because no local pharmacy had the liquid variety. Well at least we got sick with it early so we get some Tamiflu because the people who get it later may be S.O.L.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sick Little Boy

Today when Marshall got off the bus he was looking pretty bad. Jen tells me that he has been laying on the couch with his fingers in his mouth all afternoon. Here is a picture of Marshall laying on out bed looking pretty pathetic. Hopefully he feels better by tomorrow or he may not be going to school.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Riding the Tractor

Day at the Pumpkin Patch

This afternoon the family headed out for our annual trip to Wilson's Orchard to pick out our pumpkins for Halloween. Last year when we came out they didn't have any pumpkins left and if you remember it was bad year for apples so they didn't have any home grown apples either. They had shipped some in but it's not the same to go to an orchard to get apples if they were brought in on a truck. This year was a different story though, they had plenty of pumpkins and plenty of apples too. In fact they had renovated the barn that they run the business out of and if was looking quite nice.
First thing we did when we got to the orchard was to take the tractor ride around the orchard. Clancey was really excited to get to ride on the tractor. He's at the age where any big truck is really cool and any chance he can get to ride one he takes it. We thought that the tractor was going to take us to the pumpkin patch but it turned out that it was just a ride not really a shuttle. So when we got back we had to hoof it the half mile back out to the patch. On the way out Clancey managed to find nearly every mud hole and puddle to walk in. Once we got there Jen took the lead with the boys to find the perfect pumpkin. After searching nearly every square foot of the the patch we finally came out with two pumpkins the boys liked. After that we headed back to the barn to pay for the pumpkins, pick up some apples, and have a fresh baked apple turnover. All in all it was a fun trip and we can't wait to go back next year.

Pumpkin Patch

Here we are at Wilson's Orchard for our yearly trip to get our pumpkin for Halloween. The boys are having a good time so far.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Snow of the Year

I was just sitting in the living room playing with the boys only to look out the window and see the first snow of the year falling from the sky! I can't believe we are getting our first snow of the year on October 10th. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. We had a hard winter last year and nearly no summer so I think mother nature owes us an easy one this year.

Boy Morning

This morning Jen decided to head to Cedar Rapids to buy groceries and run errands and left all the boys at home to fend for ourselves. Normally we all go together but that normally ends up with cranky boys and me sitting in the car with the boys while Jen shops. Today we thought the boys would probably enjoy staying at home and playing instead of sitting in the car. What mommy doesn't know though is when daddy is in charge it generally means is a lot of video games, roughhousing and junk food ;).

Friday, October 09, 2009

The "Believe" 5K in Stanwood

Tonight was the "Believe" 5K in Stanwood after the North Cedar Homecoming game. Can't say that I've ever run a 5K at 10:30 at night before so it was a new experience for me. Lately I'm in bed by 9:30 so the race was a little past my bed. Since it's my off season right now I really haven't been training all that hard lately and certainly had not been doing anything that would really prepare me for the speed of a 5K. The race was a 2 lap race so my plan was to take it easy for the first 1.5 miles and then see what I had left for the second lap. I have a habit of going out way to hard for the first mile and then falling apart for the last couple miles. When I came around for the first lap I was right at 10 minutes and still feeling pretty good but I knew from my past 5K experience that no matter what I tend to fall apart at mile two. I decided to keep the pace the same and see how long I could hold out. After two miles I was still feeling good and was quite surprised. Finally I got to the last 600 meter stretch and was still feeling good so I picked my pace up and finished strong. My finish time ended up being 20:30 which is the fastest 5K I've ran since high school. I ended up sixth place overall and even won my age division. Considering I've not really ran that much since the triathlon season ended and haven't done any of the required track work for a fast 5K I was really happy.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Water Tower is Erect

Last night as I was laying on the couch I noticed that a line of tractor trailer trucks were lined up and down 7th avenue in front of our house. When I walked outside it looked like they had various pieces of a crane on each of the trailers. I was kind of wondering if it was a big crane that they were going to use to put our water tower together but didn't think that we were that far along. Well today as I was coming home from the parade in Stanwood my suspicions were confirmed as I noticed our water tower was fully erect. I decided that I would stop by and take some pictures of the progress, when I got there I noticed that there was about a dozen other people checking it out too. I suppose nothing all that exciting really happens in Clarence so having a huge crane in town assembling our new water tower is pretty exciting. Won't be long now and the new US Cellular antenna will be up and cell phone coverage will rock!

Parade in Full Swing

Here is a picture of Clancey enjoying the parade. The boys both enjoyed the parade until near the very end when the fire trucks came by. Clancey was clapping and and cheering when they blew their horns and sirens but Marshall on the other hand had his hands over his ears and was upset by the loud noises. Its crazy to me how the boys can be nearly polar opposites. Clancey is a wild man who is afraid of nearly nothing and Marshall is very thoughtful and eases into new things.

Homecoming Parade

Today is the big North Cedar homecoming parade in Stanwood. Kind of weird to think about this being our first North Cedar event we are attending as North Cedar parents. Kind of daunting when you think about the fact that we have 15 more years of events just like this to attend. I guess that is what being a parent is all about.

GPS Stolen

Well last night sometime someone got into my car and stole my GPS out of it. First thing this morning when I was putting Marshall in the car I noticed that my audio cord I use to plug my Ipod in was laying across my driver seat. Seemed odd but I thought maybe I had done it when I unplugged my Ipod when I got home last night. Then after I dropped Marshall off at school I noticed that my GPS was gone. I thought maybe it had fallen out of the window onto the floor or something but then I noticed that the power cord was gone too. At that point I was pretty sure it was stolen but I called Jen just to make sure she didn't wake up in the middle of the night and take it out of my car, turns out she didn't. My bet is the loser kids down the alley probably took it because they have a history of stealing things out of peoples cars. Of course I have no proof and there is a number of loser kids in Clarence that wander the streets so it could have been one of them I suppose. The worst part about it is that I am religious about locking my doors in my car but last night I got home early because I wasn't feeling all that great and must have forgotten to lock my doors when I got out.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Baking Cookies

Jen decided to treat the family by baking some homemade chocolate chip cookies. So far we've had a pretty good morning Clancey and daddy roughousing in the living room, Marshall playing racing games on the xbox, and mommy baking. Doesn't get more midwest then that.

Wild Clancey

Slow Lazy Weekend

With the weather kind of cold and crappy this is looking to be a slow lazy weekend of bumming around the house. Maybe after Marshall gets his video game time in this morning all the boys will head out to the garage to work on the PVC pedal car and sorting some of my mass of tools that I still haven't sorted since we moved in. I would like to get a bike ride in too but I'm not real excited about heading out in the cold rain for 1-2 hours for a ride. I guess we will see where the weekend takes us and play it by ear.