Sunday, May 31, 2009

Marshall and Clancey Freakout

After bathtime tonight Clancey and Marshall started to freakout in the mirror so I had to take a video of it.

Clancey and the Kitty

Marshall the Strawberry Addict

Marshall told Jen that he wanted to "go pick strawberry's". Generally that turns into a kid digging through the strawberry patch picking and eating far more strawberries then actually make it into the picking container. It seems any that actually make it inside end up getting eaten by him too ;).

Clancey's New Friend

A stray cat from the neighborhood seems to have taken a liking to our house. Probably because my naughty wife has been feeding it. Kind of funny Clancey just can't get enough of the "puppy" as he calls him and Marshall runs the other way when the cat comes towards him. Marshall is just like me not an animal lover and Clancey on the other hand just loves him to death. I guess that's the difference between the two kids.

Eric Hansen Benefit Walk

Today was the benefit walk for Eric Hansen in Lowden. Eric was recently diagnosed with lukemia and today the Wiebel's of Lowden put together this benefit walk to raise money for his treatment. Of course I had the bright idea to ride my bike over which 21 miles when you take the back roads so we were late to start. We actually just passed a pair of ladies so were not last on the course but close ;). I better get back to walking or I'm going to get left in the dust by Jen.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Car Show

Today when we went to Cedar Rapids to run errands we happened upon a car show. Marshall was really excited so we had to stop to see. I honor of papa I had the family pose by the the only mopar in the show.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Dairy Queen for Supper

Living in a small town does have a few disadvantages when it comes to Friday night food options. Just like most american families we like to buy our supper on Friday night and there is really only so many times you can have Casey's pizza. So tonight we decided to head to DQ in Tipton to get something to eat. Nothing like a DQ burger chased by a strawberry malt. :) (Yes that is food on my triathlon diet ;).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ranting about Idiocy

WTF?!?! The Sesquicentennial steering committee has decided that they will NOT be submitting anything to this month's newsletter. I guess I should be fair and tell the entire truth, the committee did not actually say no but said they will have a meeting to discuss it. Now it is worth pointing out that they know the deadline for the newsletter is tonight, they received two reminder emails and a personal phone call tonight, yet they decided to wait a day to be pains in the ass. Now one may think why can't the newsletter go out a day late and give them the opportunity to submit some information? Well I'll tell you why, there is a young man in this community that was recently diagnosed with leukemia and there is a fund raiser for him on Sunday and Jen wanted to make sure she got information out before that event. Now I fully expect them to have a meeting tomorrow and send Jen information after the newsletter goes out and tell everyone in town that they submitted information but Jen decided not to put it in. Let this be known, Jen has tried every month to get the Sesquicentennial Steering Committee to put things in the newsletter and every month she has gotten nothing so the fact the newsletter has very little coverage of the upcoming event has nothing to do with her.

It boggles my mind that benign information like the committee list and the schedule for an event meant for the entire community requires a meeting to be sent out. The Clarence Community Newsletter is exactly what its title implies, a newsletter meant for people who care about the small community of Clarence. The newsletter has a current mailing list of 500 people throughout the entire nation and is forwarded on by those individuals an exponential amount of times. So why this so called steering committee isn't able to get off their asses and put something together tonight is unbelievable. I have seen Junior High girls act more mature then this. I can't wait until this damn event is over with!

Getting Sand for the Sandbox

I decided to use the extra day Rockwell gave us off to finally get some sand for Marshall and Clancey's sandbox. I built the sandbox about two years ago and haven't ever made time to go get sand for it. Finally todya the stars aligned and I decided to head to the quarry to get some sand. Marshall has been excited all morning so I better get to filling his box up.

Clancey's Bike

Last night after we got home Jen was working on doing some laundry when Clancey decided hw wanted to go downstairs with her. While they were down there Clancey saw Marshall's old trike and decided he wanted to ride it. Clancey just loves bikes so he was pretty excited to see a bike that was his size. We brought it upstairs and I don't think he has gotten off of it all morning. It's too bad that he is about 2 inches too short for it. Well he seems to be enjoying it none-the-less.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Here's a picture of Marshall, Clancey and I finding our first geocache out at the Clarence park. Geocaching is something I always wanted to try but never really had a GPS accurate enough to do it. I bought a GPS to drive down to Albuquerque with Jigs that was more accurate then my cell phone so I could finally give it a try. I knew that there was a geocache hidden at the Clarence park so we all headed up to find it. Once we got to the park ot didn't take too long to track ot down. Marsh is hooked now so I think we are going to go out and try to track some more down tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates as we track them down.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long Day of Travel

Here I am at the Albuquerque airport getting ready to start this long day of travel from here to Clarence, Iowa. My flight takes off from here at 10:15 to Denver and from there to Omaha. I get to Omaha at 5:40 and then get a ride from Omaha to Ankeny where I pick up my car and then drive to Clarence. By the time I get to Clarence it will be 11:00pm. Actually if I would have jumped in a car and started driving at 5 am I would have made it home at about the same time. Oh well, as bad as sitting in airports can be, driving for 15 straight hours is way worse.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Isotopes Game

Tonight Jigs and I headed to an Isotopes minor league baseball game. Kind of funny I travel this far south and it was nearly 20 degrees warmer in Iowa today. Kind of nice to get out and do something before I have to head home tomorrow. I do have to say I'm looking forward to getting home to see the family after being gone for nearly a week.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jigs New Place

We finally made it to Jigs new apartment down in Albuquerque. It was a long hard drive in a rental truck pulling a car trailor and somewhere south of Des Moines something went wrong with the front left wheel. If we traveled more than 60 miles an hour the truck would bounce horribly. Let's just say that 800 miles of bouncing and shaking down the road really sucks. When we got here the company Jigs is going to work for sent a bunch of guys over to help unload the truck which was really nice. Had we had to do it ourselves it would have taken hours, instead it took 45 minutes. Once we got it unloaded we had to head to the nearest parts store, to replace the gas cap Jigs lost in Missouri, and got gas so we could take it back. We then headed to supper at this really great Mexican restaurant, sorry Jen, and headed back to Jigs place to start putting stuff away. Right now I'm enjoying the nice night and taking in the view. Just feels good to relax and not be in motion.

I-40 in New Mexico

Here we are on the final stretch into Albuquerque, we have about 150 miles to go and ready to get out of the truck. So far New Mexico is very desolate and one has to make gas stops everytime you see a station because it is a long way between towns and very little cell coverage. Now we are on I-40 I expect to see gas more often. We should reach Albuquerque about 2:30 mountain time, can't wait.

Welcome to Texas

Breakfast at the Pancake House

Jigs and I stopped for breakfast here at the Pancake House before we got trucking down the road.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guymon, Oklahoma

We finally stopped driving for the day and we made it to Guymon, Oklahoma. We ended up driving right around 650 miles today, probably could have gone further had we gotten on the road earlier. Pretty uneventful trip today, really not that much to report except a lot of driving. Somewhere in Missouri we filled up with gas and Jigs managed to leave the gas cap behind. Only other thing worth noting was we stopped at a gas station about 60 miles from Guyman and there was a sign on the door that had a handgun with a circle and slash through it. One would think that is obvious but apparently not down here. I was a little worried to use the bathroom after that, which required a key and was around the back of the building. I was expecting a group of guys that weren't allowed in the store because they had handguns to be out back waiting for the idiot traveler who dupped into using the bathroom out back. Well tomorrow we only have about 300 miles to go so it shouldn't be as long of a day of driving. Be nice to be out of that damn truck.

Cruising Down the Road

Here is a picture of Jigs at the helm of our fine chariot. Got the satellite radio going, GPS, and internet so we are riding in luxury. Kind of funny to think about technology today. Right now here we are traveling down the road, here I am updating my blog, listening to radio that never goes away and know exactly where I am and how long it's going to take to get there. I'll be fairly bored for the next 14 hours so feel free to email or I M me.

On the Road!!

Well we are officially on the road to New Mexico. We got my car dropped off at mom's house, got the truck loaded and we're off. The truck isn't too bad and has plenty of room in the cab so, as far as road trips go, it shouldn't be that uncomfortable, although check with me in 10 hours and we'll see if I'm singing the same tune.

Long Day

Today turned out to be the first of what I'm betting are a number of long days over the next week. Finally about 4 in the afternoon Jigs got done with all the stuff he had to get done before he could leave. So I show up to his house expecting to see a moving truck loaded and ready to go. Well turns out that the moving truck was only about a quarter the way loaded and in fact most of that had to be unloaded to get everything to fit. So Jigs, Allison and I spent the better part of the afternoon and well into the evening loading the truck. Then just when I thought we were ready to go to Allison's house to go to bed Jigs decides he wants to watch the two hour season finale of 24. So we stayed and watched that, which turned out to be pretty good, and finally at midnight left to head to Boone to head to bed. Although I guess it is rather amusing that I'm complaining about not getting to go to bed yet here I am laying in bed typing on my Blackberry ;). Well tomorrow morning Jigs and I are going to leave for New Mexico about 8, which I'm sure will turn in 10 by the time we actually get on the road. I'll be updating my blog thoughout the day and I will have my tracker on so my wife and Allison can track our progress south.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Moving Jigs

Well Jigs has graduated college and were getting him loadeed and moved to New Mexico for his new job. Looking like it's going to be a long night of moving stuff. I better get back to work.

Visiting Campus

I took the day off from work to come down to Ames and help Jigs move to New Mexico. Well it turns out that we had to postpone leaving because Jigs had to deal with some junk going on with his car before we left. That kind of left me with some time to kill in Ames for the day. I decided to use that time to see if I couldn't find some wireless internet on campus but also visit some people I haven't seen in awhile, like my old boss at the VRAC and my student advisor. Who knows maybe I could get a line on someone to hire ;). With my backpack on wondering around campus I almost feel like a student again.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Clancey's First Haircut

Tonight as we were eating supper Jen got a wild hair and started to give Clancey his first haircut. Maybe now people will realize that Clancey is a little boy instead of constantly mistaking him for a girl. Although it boggles my mind that doctor after doctor mistake Clancey for a girl even after they hear his name. Clancey may not be the most common name on earth but it is definately a boys name.

Enjoying the Nice Day

After I got back from my bike ride I decided to take the boys to the park to play for a little bit. Turns out it was graduation day for North Cedar so the Clarence park was packed with graduation receptions. The boys and I decided to head to Lowden and see if that park was packed too. Turns out it was too but the elementary school was empty so I took the boys there instead. Clancey, of course, is being the little dare devil. Climbing to the top of the equipment and trying to climb up the slide. The two of them seem to be having a great time so far.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Buying the Paint for the Porch

Here we are at Weber Paint and Glass in Marion buying the paint for porch. It sure is nice to be able to actually go to a real paint store and not Home Depot for our paint. Not only do you get far better service from people who know the trade, you also get nice high quality paint. To bad all these nice local stores are all going out of business because of all the crappy big national stores. Why can't WalMart go bankrupt instead of Chevy and Chrysler? Hopefully someday that cancer on society will go out of business.

Silly Hats

Here's a picture of Clancey and Marshall modeling hats at Target.

Early Morning Trip

This morning Jen and I got up first thing and headed into Cedar Rapids. We stopped at Target first to get some things and, of course, no Target trip is complete without picking out a Hotwheel. Later we are going to head to the paint store in Marion so Jen can get some paint to paint the porch while I'm in New Mexico. I'm excited to see what the porch looks like when I get home next Saturday night.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Water Tower

The construction of the new water tower in Clarence. Our previous tower was built in the 1950's and is starting to look a little worse for wear. This tower is supposed to be done near the new year. As part of the new water tower US Cellular decided to put an antenna on top so my cell coverage should improve by leaps and bounds, I can't wait :).

New Trees for the Park

The school generously donated a bunch of trees they don't need to the park board. We picked some out to put on the new park land. Hopefully they look nice and grow big.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Lunch

Today before we headed home we got to have a lunch to celebrate Mother's Day. Fried chicken, potato salad and 7 later salad. Mmmm, mmmm good.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Jigs Graduates!!!

Here is a picture of Jigs and Me next to the bronze cy at alumni hall. Apparently this is a new ISU tradition.

Jigs Graduation

Here is a picture from Jigs graduation ceremony. When he came in we saw him on the jumbotron which was cool. I waved like an idiot and then Jen reminded me he can't see us through the screen.

Lunch at Great Plains

Today Jen and I decided to head to Ames early for Jigs graduation so we could stop at Great Plains Pizza for lunch. For anyone who hasn't been here this place has certainly the best pizza in Ames if not Iowa. The only place that could compete that I know of would be Zoey's in Marion, Iowa. I'm thinking tonight after Jigs party we are going to head to Hickory Park. With no kids today we have to take advantage :).

Friday, May 08, 2009

Clancey Waiting To Leave

Here is a picture of how Clancey has spent the last 15 minutes, patiently waiting in the car. For about 3 hours Clancey has been demanding to go so he can go see Mema and Papa. Finally we decidee to put his seat in the car and put him in. Ever since he has gotten in the car he has been quiet anticipating the moment we would finally head out. Hopefully in the next 5 minutes or so.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Little Competitor in the Making

Tonight while Marshall was playing his last game of soccer Clancey and I decided to kick the ball around a little. Turns out Clancey is quite good. He was running and kicking the ball, dribbling it and even throwing it in over his head. I think Clancey is probably going to be more like me when it comes to sports, ultra competative. I guess we will see when he gets older.

Marshall's First Medal

Tonight was the last night of soccer for Marshall. The Panthers suffered their second, and worst, loss of the season tonight 5-0. Our star player wasn't at the game tonight so the other team kind of had the run of the field. Once again Marshall was quite the little comedian. Sometimes I think he's more worried about putting on a show and less about playing the game. Oh well, I guess it's preschool soccer and it's all about having fun, not really who wins and loses. Although that's kind of a tough concept for ultra competative people like me to understand ;)

Tonight after the game the kids got participation medals, which happened to be Marshall's first medal ever. He was pretty proud of it, although he was quite confused. Marshall realized that they didn't win the game and couldn't figure out why he got a medal when they lost. We told him it was participation medal and all the kids got them for practicing and playing all the games, after that he seemed to understand. This summer Marshall and I will have to practice so the next time they play Marshall will be that much better.

Soccer Night

It's soccer night once again tonight. Here is a picture of the panthers warming up before the game. Hopefully Marshall plays good.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I Beg to Differ

Hmmmm.... The church across the street has some pretty crazy statements on their sign lately, very baptist like if you ask me, but this one couldn't be missed. I have to respectfully disagree on this one. Today is just to damn nice a day to die. Quite frankly being I like life so much pretty much any day is a bad day to die.

Group Ride

Today a group of friends from Rockwell came out to Clarence to expierence one of my 40 mile bike rides. It's a course that has plenty of hills and can be challenging in parts. There is one part of the course where you go down a hill and top 45 miles per hour, which makes up for the 6 mile and hour grind up the other side. The ride went well and I think everyone had a good time. Hopefully everyone can make it out again soon.

Family Out Enjoying the Day

Here is a picture of the family out enjoying the spectacular day. These are that make suffering through the winter worth it. What didn't show up in this picture was the constant battle to keep Clancey from climbing up and down the stairs by himself. Clancey is fiercely independent and refuses to let anyone help him. I guess that's what being nearly 2 is all about.

Clancey and Daddy Enjoying the Morning

This morning after we dropped Marshall off at Sunday school Clancey and I decided to enjoying the warm morning on the porch together. Clancey sat and ate a cracker next to me while I read the latest issue of Triathlete Magazine. Having a front porch is such a treat during the warm summer months.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dairy Queen

On the way home from the landfill we decided to stop at DQ for some ice cream treats. If you want to make a kids day DQ is the place to go. I'm sure Clancey can't wait til the day he gets come on the boy trips.

Trip to the Landfill

Today Marsh and I spent time cleaning the garage out again and decided we should take a load to the dump. It sure feels good to get the garage cleaned out and some junk removed from my life.