Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Panthers Suffer First Loss

Tonight the Panthers suffered their first loss with a score of 3-2. Marshall played a good game tonight. He played goalie for a quarter of the game and blocked about 20 shots on the goal. The other team had these really good players and pretty much as soon as Marshall kicked the ball out of the goal they had the ball and were taking another shot. While Marshall was playing on the field he seemed a bit more interested in entertaining people then actually playing. I guess it's about having fun so that's alright. Maybe he will get the competative drive I have soon enough.

Soccer Make Up Game

Tonight is our first of two soccer make up games. Poor Marsh is going to be rather tired with two games two nights in a row.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Porch Furnature Out

Yesturday while Clancey was taking a nap Jen and I decided it was finally time to get the porch furnture out for the season. One of the nicest features of our house is a wrap around porch we have on the front of our house. Every year Jen and I anticipate the day that we can finally get the porch furnature out. As you can see the boys are already out enjoying our porch. It's nice especially on nights like tonight, when the boys are acting like crazy loon heads, to be outside with them yelling and carrying on and not inside where the yelling seems way louder.

In Honor Of My Dad

With Memorial Day fast approaching I thought it was appropriate to honor my dad by getting the Camaro out, cleaned up, and running again. The Camaro has been stuck in my garage for nearly 3 years without any love, so today Marshall and I spent some time getting it back to it's old form. It's worth noting that today was the first time Marshall has ever got to ride in the car and he was really excited about it. He has a game that he drives a blue 68 Camaro that looks exactly like mine, so it was really neat for him to get to actually experience the real thing for once.

The car still needs a little work so that it runs a little more realiably but it ran good enough for today's cruise around Clarence. I'm sure I got more then a few tongues wagging when they saw me out driving the Camaro around. I had it out one time the first year Jen and I were here but I doubt many people remember. I bet more then a few people thought I bought it ;)

Anyways, heres to you Dad your baby is out running again and hopefully by next year I can bring it to the cemetary when we come and visit on Memorial Day.

Clancey Sporting the VO Hat

Here is a cute picture of Clancey sporting a VO hat. We must have about 50 of these hats so it's good that the boys like them :).

Washing the Camaro

Today Marsh and I decided we would work on cleaning the garage out. As part of cleaning the garage out we pushed the Camaro out of the garage and realized that it was really dirty. So we decided that we should give the Camaro a good bath it had been awhile since it had one. Maybe once we get it washed we will see if we can actually get it started it would be cool to see it on the road again.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Adding to the Hotwheel Collection

Here we are once again at Target in the Hotwheel isle getting more Hotwheels for Marshall and Clancey's collection. Anymore it's getting harder to leave the hotwheel isle with only one because Clancey's wants one too. So the next time your my house and hear me swear about stepping on a hotwheel remind me it's my own doing.

Red Robin For Lunch

Today we headed into Cedar Rapids to run some errands and decided to stop at Red Robin for lunch. Red Robin has some of the best burgers and fry's around. Although every time we've been here the service has been horrible, hopefully this time is different.

Greeting From the Road

Here is a picture of me out on my morning bike ride. This morning is an easy 25 just to get my legs loosened up a bit. Although must admit that it has been a little harder then anticipated.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Essence of Clancey

This picture captures Clancey to a T. He is always trying to do something to get everyone's attention. You may also notice that he has underwear over his P.J.'s another one of Clancey's little ideas.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take Your Kid To Work Day

Today was the annual take your kid to work day so once again this year I took Marshall to work with me. Here is a picture of Marshall working in my messy office on some code. I took Marshall around so he could meet my team and hand out the chocolate chip bars he brought for everyone. For part of the day Marshall sat in my office while I had a meeting which was rather boring for him. Finally for the last part of the day Marshall and I worked in the lab while we worked on fixing one of the Multi-Function Displays that was broken. Marshall was a big helper and had a really good time. He worked so hard that he feel asleep on the way home.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Panthers Win 2-1!!!

In the Panthers Season opener they pulled out the victory 2-1 against the Gators. While Marshall didn't score a goal he played a great game. He was right there in the mix for the entire game. I would say he was probably one of the best 2 players on the field for today's game. I was really proud of how aggresive Marshall played. He is normally the kind of kid who will hang back but today he was right in there and did a great job. Marshall had a great time and he is already looking forward to next weeks big game.

Action Pic of the Game

Marshall Prepares for the Big Game

Here is a picture of Marshall before his first soccer game and is first competative sport ever. I've given Marshall some tips and he is ready.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lunch at Ting's

After trekking across the state from Mema and Papa's house we decided to stop at Ting's Red Lantern in Cedar Rapids for lunch. Marshall just loves Sesame Chicken so we thought that would be a good treat for him. For those of you who have never been to Ting's, if you are a fan of chinese food it is the place to eat in CR. The meals are cheap they feed the hell out of you and the food is great.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dinner at Hickory Park

Today after the spring game we let mema and papa take the boys back to their house so Jen and I could hook up with Jigs and Allison for supper at Hickory Park. I ordered the half chicken dinner but what they brought me was a full chicken stacked on top on a pile of sliced meats. It was more meat then I had ever seen in my life. Probably could have fed the whole table with my dinner alone. Needless to say I couldn't eat it all and sent a chicken half home with Jigs. It was nice to see Jigs and Allison.


I've made sure I've raised my kids so they know who Cy is. In fact I asked Marshall who the bad bird was and he told me the black and yellow bird :). Very important to continue to raise good ISU alumni.

Cherry Pie

Here we all are enjoying the world famous VEISHEA cherry pies. This is Clancey's first cherry pie ever and it didn't look he enjoyed it very much. It was probably a little to tarty for him. He did really enjoy the hamburger he got from the horse and bridle club though, so he did starve ;)

Jigs in the Parade


Well we finally made it to the VEISHEA parade. Marshall is a little nuerotic about loud sirens so here he is prepared for the firetrucks when they come by. Hopefullu once the parade starts he will be a little less worried about the sirens and more concerned about getting candy.

Getting Ready To Head to VEISHEA

Here we are getting ready to take Clancey to his first VEISHEA celebration. Last year we weren't able to take him because it was snowing and really crappy out but this year it looks to be a pretty nice day. I'll be keeping you up to date of all the fun things we do.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Sun Burn of the Year

Today with the temperature hovering around 70 degrees Jen, Marshall and Clancey headed outside to play some ball for most of the afternoon. When they came in Jen noticed that both her and Marshall both had managed to get a little red from the sun. Sure is nice to know that summer is right around the corner and soon enough we will be able to go outside without coats on and finally get a little sun. I'm especially looking forward to getting some good outdoor training time in with my two half Ironman Triathlon's coming up.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Marshall Singing In Church

Here is a video of Marshall signing on Easter morning at church. The video is kind of blurry but he is the one in the green shirt in the front row all by himself. If you can't tell he was really belting out the lyrics to the song.

Clancey's New Boots

Last night the Easter Bunny brought Clancey some new garden boots that look like dinosaurs. Clancey has been wondering all morning in them. I think he really wants to head outside to go tromping through some mud in them.

Singing in Church

Here is a picture of Marshall singing in church this morning. I'll upload the video later.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Bunny, Tracks and All

The Easter Bunny made an appearance at the VanOort house tonight. After filling numerous plastic eggs with candy and coins and then hiding them around the house Jen gave me that look that said she was up to something. She said you're going to think I'm weird but could you get me some dirt out of the garden. I asked why she needed dirt. She told me that she wanted to make bunny tracks. So unlike most moms who yell when people track mud in the house here is a picture of Jen tracking mud in the house herself. I have a weird wife ;)

Nice Day to Be Outside

Well today turned out to be a pretty nice day. It was little chilly when the breeze would pick up but all in all it was a nice day. This morning Jen spent a few hours in the garden while Clancey and I kicked the ball around. In the afternoon I took advantage of the nice day to take my new tri-bike out for my first reasonably long training ride. While I'm not going to complain about 60 degree weather and I happy no snow is forecast for this weekend I sure wish it would get to 70 and stay there pretty soon.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Marshall at the Race Track

When soccer practice got over Marshall heard the race cars at the track and wanted to go see. When we got here Marshall dove out of the car and ran to the stands to see the cars on the track. It may be time to take Marshall to the go cart track. He is certain he is going to drive a race car in the future so it may be time to get him started.

At Soccer with Marshall

Here we are once again at preschool soccer practice. They didn't have a game this week so they had practice instead. I'm really excited to see the game I bet it is going to be quite the show. Marshall has really been approving week by week, getting more agressive and more coordinated on the field. I'm sure Marshall will do great.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

No More Snow!

You have got to be F'ing kidding me, it is snowing again. Mother nature must be some kind of cruel bitter old hag for making it snow again this weekend. I mean really, it's April. Look I deal with cold temperatures and even a chilly rain but snow is just not cool. I am making a bold statement to mother nature stop making it snow or else!

Ice Cream at Coldstone

Well to finish off Marshall and my fun day we hit Coldstone before we headed home. Marshall got a small chocolate and I got a strawberry shake, probably going to have to bike for 3 hours to burn it off ;). I think Marshall had a pretty good time today. We probably ought to hustle and get done here though because it is raining ice pellets outside, ugghhh I wish winter would end.

Best Buy Trip

After Marsh and I got done with the movie we decided to go to Best Buy and look at the video games for a bit. Of course Marshall is picking up nearly ever racing game and asking me to buy it. I told Marshall after this we could go to Coldstone and get some ice cream so is pretty antsy to get going ;).

Lunch and Movies with Marshall

Marshall has been really excited about the new Fast and the Furious movie coming out so today I decided to head to CR to take him to it. First we decided to stop at Panchero's for some lunch. Marshall got his favorite the chicken quesadilla and I got a chicken burrito. We also did a little fun Marshall's new show "Fun, Fun Time with Marshall". Hopefully it will be out in a couple weeks. After that we headed to the movie which is getting ready to start so I have to go.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Nerd Humor

My kind of nerd humor.

Tied a String Around My Finger

Tied a string around my finger today because I need to remember something.

Lunch at Applebee's

Since about 9:00am Marshall has been asking if it's time for lunch yet. So finally after getting shoes for the boys and stopping by the book store to pick up the Twilight books for Jen we decided to stop for lunch at Applebee's. Applebee's is the restaurant you go to when don't really know where to go. The food isn't spectacular but it's cheap, it's a kid friendly environment and they pretty much have something for everyone.

New Shoes For the Boys

Clanceys little Adidas shoes had gotten way too small for him so it was time to go get him a new pair. We went to Famous Footwear and they were having a 1/2 off second pair sale so we decided to get Marsh a new pair off sandals for the summer.

Soccer Pictures

This morning Marshall had his soccer pictures and let me tell you it was cold. Poor Marshall has to take his coat off and tough it out for the picture.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Crazy Boy Dance

Here's a video I took of Marshall, Clancey and I dancing like a bunch crazy loons to Fall Out Boy.

Friday Night Art

When I got home tonight Jen had both the boys sitting at the kitchen table painting pictures. This was actually Clancey's first painting ever so I guess tonight was somewhat of a momentous occasion. I captured this picture for all the grandparents who follow blog closer then they do gas prices ;)

Concerned Citizen

Here is an anonymous letter that got sent to the Clarence Park Board in response to a letter drive we recently had to raise funds for park projects. I suspect that this individual actually meant to send this letter to the Sesqui Committee and didn't know the Park Board was unrelated to that committee, but either way I think the folks of Clarence should get a chance to see it and reflect on it.

Clarence Park Board: I find it rather interesting that you're asking for donations and participation on Clarence Park Board. Do you honestly have a good feel for how things are viewed in Clarence; it seems to me there should be concern regarding the leadership/committees. There are too much "what's in it for me" attitudes, in-fighting, disagreements and "back stabbing", not to mention all these wonderful people walking around spreading gossip and talking behind each others back. The "I'm better than you" attitudes are so disgusting that folks who would like to be involved just stay away. Clarence is far from being a friendly town, just take a good hard honest look at the trend over the years, it's truly a shame and most of it is a result of a few who think they are better than the rest. Try spending some money and effort on making this town a true community that cares and stop using lip service.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Marshall's Soccer Practice

Here we are at Marshall's last soccer practice before is first game. He's doing really good this week and it will be fun to see him play.