Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sesame Chicken

When we pulled into Hy-Vee Marshall started to instantly lobby to get some Chinese from the deli. A couple months ago Jen and I were really hungary and in a hurry so we stopped for some chinese while we were shopping. Well Marshall was with us so we gave him some too. Well it turns out he absolutely loves Sesame Chicken and everytime we stop at Hy-Vee he begs to get some. So today when we stopped we thought we would indulge him.

Clancey Doing Some Shopping

Today running our errands we stopped by Target to pick some things up. Generally the way it works is I take boys to look at toys while Jen shops. Clancey has started to notice the toys and want to buy things. We'll see if I get out of here toyless. I doubt it ;).

Mr. Style

Here's a picture of Marshall post haircut. Looking good.

Whipper Snippers

Marshall is getting his hair cut again here at Whipper Snippers. It has been a heck of a long time since Marshall got his hair cut so he really needed it. It nice that he no longer screams like a banchee when he gets his hair cut. I suspect that it's because we go to the hair cut place to get it done and we don't do it at home with the crazy loud clippers Jen has.

Saturday Morning

This morning after my swim I headed to the park to help the park board trim trees. Not the greatest day to be outside at this park because it was cold and windy. By the end my face was numb and I could barely talk I was happy to get home in the warmth.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Bed Full of VanOort's

Here is a picture I took of everyone tonight right before bathtime. Clancey was laying down for the picture but shortly after it was taken Clancey started to dive around the bed like a wild man.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marshall's Dilemna

Lately Marshall has really had a dilemna about what he is going to do when he grows up. For some reason he believes that this decision has to be made pretty quickly. I think that is probably his mom coming out in him, miss 15 minutes early to everthing. Anyways he has boiled it down to two career paths NASCAR Driver or Rockstar. I think he is leaning towards NASCAR driver but he is a little worried about the fact that all the cars are currently filled. He really wants to drive the number 9 Casey Kahne car but once again that car has a driver too. That makes his plan B of being a Rockstar seem like the more reasonable path. From what he can tell there seems to always be room for more Rockstars. We've tried to let Marshall know that he probably has some time to make the decision but I think he feels he needs to make the decision now so he can start preparing for that future career. I did tell Marshall that when he got a little older we could take him go-kart racing so he could start to pratice if he chose the NASCAR path ;).

Supper Time Antics

Here is a video I took of Clancey last night at supper. By the end of supper we are pretty much no longer eating and only playing but I guess that's what makes being a parent fun.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home Again

After a few days visiting the grandparents Clancey and Marshall are home again. Jen and I spent nearly 7 hours on the road commuting between Clarence and Thor to get the boys. At least we were rewarded with a good dinner of Roast and Potatoes. Mema even sent home a pan of cinnimon rolls for Marsh so the trip ended up being worth it. It is quite a bit noisier then it was the past few days but its worth it to have the boys back.

The Boys!!!

Finally after a weekend away from the boys we made it to Thor to pick them up. Of course had been little angels for Mema and Papa. The boys were pretty happy to see us but I bet they would stay here for another week if we decided to leave them here. While it was quiet with the boys gone around the house it will be nice to get them back home.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Night Out

With the boys at Mema and Papa's for the weekend Jen and I decided to use our last kidless night to go out. Since Marshall has been born I think you could count on two hands the number of times Jen and I have gotten a night put together so this is a real treat for us. We decided to head to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner. This place has a tendency to get really freaking busy so we thought if we got here before 5:00 we wouldn't have to wait as long. Boy were we wrong, this place is crazy busy. We were told that the wait was going to be nearly an hour. An hour that is insane before 5:00. I guess Jen and I will get an opportunity to talk a lot ;).

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quiet House

Today the kids took off to visit mema and papa for the weekend and the house is really quiet. After one has kids it's hard to remember what it was like before kids. To tell you the truth I can't remember what I did at night before kids. While it's nice to get a day off when the kids are gone I certainly can't wait til they get back and can see them again.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Marshall's Birthday Photo's

Here's a link to the photo's we took at Marshall's Birthday. I know it's a month late but at least they are up here.

Clancey "Boots" VanOort

Clancey has become quite enamored with his snow boots. Everyday the first thing he does is run find his boots and demand they get put on. He is kid of like a baby godzilla as he stomps from room to room crushing everything in his path. Marshall is starting to learn to pick his cars up because Clancey stomps without regard. Clancey will even stomp on bare feet which is such a great feeling in the morning. Kind of wakes you up with a start.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Rare Moment of Quiet

Tonight we got a rare moment of quiet while the boys watched Madagascar 2. Rarely do the boys both decide to lay down and take a break so when they do it is nearly a miracle. In fact I haven't even gotten done with this bog entry before Clancey was up again getting into things. I guess that's what it's like whne your one.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ride'em Cowboy

At the Dairy Queen in Tipton they have these tables that have saddles for seats. Now of course all the kids love them and the parents dread sitting at them. I have to say these aren't the most comfortable things on earth to sit on but of course I'll sit in them cause Marsh wants to.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Clancey Growing up to Fast

Just like the title says, Clancey is growing up too fast. Here is a picture I snapped of Clancey going up the stairs to take his bath. As you can see, he moved from crawling up the stairs to walking up the stairs like a big boy. When they first born you can't image them getting old but before you know it they are all grown up and headed off to school. Time just goes to fast.

More Time at the Doctor

Today I took a half day off from work to once again take Marshall to the doctor. For a couple years now Marshall has been complaining off and on about how his side hurts. At his last checkup the doctor gave us an order to get an X-ray on his stomach to make sure there was nothing wrong. So today we finally got some time and took him in for his x-ray. Marshall did really good and stood in all the positions he needed to. We haven't gotten the results back yet but I'm sure everything is alright.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Clancey Out Exploring The World

With the unseasonably warm wheather today Clancey got to spend some time outside exploring. Being he is so young it is really neat to see him explore and discover new things. I guess it's mostly been cold and crappy since Clancey started to walk so he has pretty much stuck inside to explore so being outside on two feet is a new thing for him. Every time we tried to get him to come in he would get upset and when Jen finally did him to come in he kept bringing his coat back to her. When summer hits I bet Clancey is going to want to live outside.

First Wagon Ride of the Year

With the temperatures at nearly 60 degrees today I decided to cut out of work early, about 4:00, to come home and enjoy a bit of the day. Now I guess the title isn't exactly accurate since Jen had the boys out in the wagon for most of the day but it is the first family wagon ride of the year. It is a real treat the get a 60 degree day in February considering the average high is around 30. Mother nature owes us though because January was one of the coldest months on record with temperatures below zero for most of the month. Clancey especially enjoyed the wagon because this was one of the first times he's ridden in it. It's really too bad that it's going to get cold because I could really get used to this.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Scotland Yard

Marshall decided to dig through the closet to find some more of my old board games. He came across Scotland Yard. When we got the game out I asked Marsh if he knew what city this was and much to my surprise he answered London. I don't know how he picks this stuff up. Well I better get back to playing because Marshall is getting kind of bored waiting for me to blog.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Time for Oxford Junction to Move the Park

I'm thinking it might be time for Oxford Junction to move their park. Anytime any kind of precipatation or melting occurs the park floods. Here is a picture from today that I took of the park under water again from the melting in fields that surround the park. It was just last summer during all the floods that this aprk along with the legion were under 5 feet of water. Well just a thought for OJ to consider.

Ice Cream Bandit

Here's a picture of Clancey the little ice cream bandit. Now I know what your thinking, it's still winter what are you doing at the ice cream place. Well it's 50 degrees today and the Dairy Queen was open so we thought why not. I think we are probably getting to the point that we need to get Clancey his own ice cream cone too. He was leaning over the table leading with his tongue trying to get a bite of anyone's ice cream cone that would give him some.

Lunch at Casa Las Glorias

For lunch we decided to have some mexican. Marshall is a huge fan of chips and salsa and an even bigger fan of quesadilla's. Now Clancey is becoming a huge fan of chips and salsa himself. Ok, ok I guess chips without salsa but he does like mexican food.

The Toy Store Train Set

Everytime we come to this toy store Marshall runs for the train set. It's amazing in a toy store as big as this that after a quick look at the toys the boys are both drawn to the train set. We've been playing with the trains for the last 20 minutes and from what I can tell they don't show any signs of stopping.

The Toy Store

Today while Jen was getting her hair cut I took the boys down the way to the toy store. I think Clancey is a bit overwhelmed by all the toys there are to look at. He is just kind of standing there just trying to take it all in. Marsh on the other hand is running from toy to toy showing me the one's he wants. We'll see if I'm able to get out here without buying any toys ;).

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Marshall and the Case of the Missing Food

I thought it was appropriate that after I've given Marshall a lot pof crap that I should give him some props for eating a good supper. Actually for the past few weeks Marshall has been eating all of his meals without any complaints. It's nice to not have the constant supper time battle that we had a few weeks ago.

Clancey the Little King

Here a picture of his majesty Clancey Dylon with his 3D glasses crown on his head. At the supper table Clancey's yells out his share of edicts while he eats his supper.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Spread

Here's a picture of all the Super Bowl treats Jen made for our mini Super Bowl party today. This really is kind of a make up for the Christmas Eve treats that we never got to have. If you recall we were all sick with the stomach flu for Christmas Eve so having a big spread of treats didn't sound very good. It's nice to finally get the treats we were supposed to have over a month ago. Jen is such a good cook!!

Sunday School

Once again it's Sunday and it is time to head to Sunday school. Today is the "Souper Bowl" food drive at church so Marsh brought up a can soup in support of the event. Here is a picture of Marsh with the latest piece of kid art he created. One wonders between the age of 0 and 10 how much art is created by kids. I know right now that we have more than we know what to do with, more then we can possibly hang up.