Saturday, July 26, 2008

Home From Vacation

After nearly 12 hours of traveling and a baby who cried for about a quarter of the trip, we finally made it home. While vacation is great it is great when you finally make it home. I'm particularly happy we made it home on Saturday so I have a day to recover before I head back to what is sure to be a meeting filled day.

Manitowoc Playground

On the way home we found a place in Manitowoc that Clancey could eat and Marshall could play.
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Last Day of Vacation

Yesturday was our last day of vacation so we used it to do all of our favorite things. First thing we did was head up to the Cherry Farm again to get more Door County specialties. They make some really great homemade salsa's along with some killer cherry juice. Once we we done there we headed back into town to walk around a bit.

Finally at the end of the day we hit the beach one last time. I'll tell you what there were some waves yesturday. At first Marshall was a little scared of the waves and I don't blame him, they were bigger then him. So while Marshall, Clancey and Jen played on the shore I headed out to the water to brave the waves. Wow, they were big! I had a really great time though. Once I was worn out from fighting the waves and body surfing I headed back to shore. By this time Marshall was getting more brave and we headed out together to play in the waves. Poor little kid, lips were blue and he just wanted to keep playing. It was just like last year shivering like heck but not wanting to get out of the water.

Well I better go and help wrangle the kids.

Morning Waves

Here is a picture I took down at sunset park of the rough water.
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Headed Home Today

Well today we are headed home after a week of vacation in Door County. We had a really good time. Jen and I were thinking and neither of us could think of the last time we actually took a full week of vacation. To tell you the truth, when first started talking about a week of vacation I was kind of worried we would get bored and want to go home early. Turns out I was wrong about that. If we could we would stay another week. Well I think everyone had a good time and I know Marshall is already looking forward to next year.
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Headed to the Beach

We're headed to the beach for one of the last things we are going to do on vacation. Hopefully the water isn't too cold.
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Relaxing Morning

This morning we relaxed again by walking down to the store in Fish Creek to take pictures. This the kind of store that we could really use in Clarence. It's about the same size as the one we used to have and there is no reason we couldn't do the same thing in Clarence. After that we walked down to the docks to look at the boats again.
This afternoon we are going to head to the beach one last time before we have to head home. Then tonight when we get home we will pack up and get ready to head home.
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Last Day of Vacation

Well today is the last official full day of vacation or at least being in Door County on vacation. This is always the day you remember the 50 things you wish you had done but don't have time for now. We can't complain though we've had a fun vacation and are looking forward to coming up again next year.

I think today we going to spend part of the day at the beach and then possibly hit a fish boil for supper. Then tonight I think we are going to spend some time gathering our things and packing. We have to be checked out by 10:00 tommorrow so we better spend some time tonight or we will be late.

Door County Day Six

After such an action packed day on Wednesday we decided to use Thursday as a nice relaxing day to take in the sights. In the morning after sleeping in and having a big breakfast we walked around Fish Creek for a while. We hadn't spent much time down by the docks so we headed down there to check out all of the expensive boats. The more time you spend by the docks the more and more you want a boat ;) Someday I would like to come up to Door County with a boat and cruise up and down the coast stopping in all the ports along the way. Probably have to wait until the kids are a bit older for that one and I may be good to actually have a boat also.

Once we were done with the docks we walked down to sunset beach again for some more relaxation. For those of you who have kids you'll understand that the actual relaxation didn't really last all the long before the boredom set in. So after about 2 minutes of sitting Marshall and I headed down to the waters edge to throw rocks in the water.

When were done throwing the rocks in the water it was lunch time so we headed back to the cottage to cooks up some brats, but not before a side trip to the candy store. It wasn't too long after lunch before the little ones started to drive us crazy. It has become blatantly obvious that Marshall could use naps during the day especially on vacation. Since we knew naps were a pipe dream we jumped in the car and headed for Cave Point. Just like always about 2 minutes down the road Marshall was out like a light.

At Cave Point Jen was a little nervous about getting Clancey out and navigating the steep terrain so she stayed near the car while Marshall and I headed for the waters edge. We probably walked in the water for a half hour or so and Marshall enjoyed every minute of it. Finally it was getting towards supper time and we had to keep with the trend of eating ice cream every day so we decided to head the Ephraim to Wilson's for burgers and ice cream. This was the first time we had made to Wilson's and I can tell you one thing it won't be the last. The burgers we great and the ice cream was even better. This for sure will make it on the list for all of our subsequent visits :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Marshall Gets to Play

After Wilson's Marshall got to play on the playground for awhile. He had a really good time.
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Wilson's For Supper

We are at Wilson's for supper tonight. Wilson's has been a staple in Door County since 1906. Besides having great food they are supposed to have great ice cream also, we're looking forward to it.

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Cave Point

We made it to Cave Point this afternoon. This is one of the neatest state parks in Door County. Once the boys wake up I'll blog some pictures of them.
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Marshall doing his favorite thing

Marshall is getting to do his favorite thing, throw rocks in the water!
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Nice Relaxing Day

Today we are taking it easy after a busy day yesturday. While Marshall doesn't enjoy it so much it is nice to just walk around Fish Creek and look at the boats and water. Marshall just resorted to running in circles so this relaxing day may not last long ;)
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Door County Day Five

Sorry for the late entry Papa but we got home late and I was to worn out to type a blog entry ;) Yesturday was quite an adventure filled day. First thing in the morning I convinced Jen that we should ride bikes around Penninsula State Park. So we headed of the Edge of the Woods bike rentals to get some bikes for the ride. Jen and I each got a bike and we got one cart for both boys that I had to pull. I was a little worried because the bikes we got weren't the greatest bikes on earth and the boys felt awful heavy in that little cart. Turns out it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and the ride went pretty good. Jen on the other hand struggled a bit more with the ride, keep in mind she hasn't ridden a bike in 11 years and her bike wasn't as nice as the one I was riding. For those of you who haven't been on a bike in a while I'll remind you a bit. For the most part in our daily lives you don't use the muscles you use for biking at all and the next thing is if you haven't been on a bike in a while your butt will hurt like hell from the seat. So needless to say today Jen has been a little trepadaous sitting down.

We ended up riding right around 8 miles and got to see a lot of the shore line in the park that you can't see from a car. Next year we are going to have to bring our bikes so that we can spend a couple days riding through the park. To tell you the truth with all the traffic in Fish Creek biking is probably the best way to get around.

Once we were done with the bike ride we headed back to the cabin for lunch and an unsuccessful attempt at get the boys down for naps. Clancey went down in around a half hour but Marshall on the other hand put up a fight for about an hour before I finally gave up. Naps seemed like a great idea when we got back from biking and Marshall wanted to lay down with a blanket and relax but after an hour and 3 crying fits later not such a good plan. Finally once it became obvious that Marshall was not going to go down we got ready to head to the beach. Interesting side note to the story, about 5 minutes down the road to the beach Marshall fell asleep. When I questioned him about this later he said that "I don't know how to shut my eyes in the bed, I only know how to shut my eyes in the car".

Finally we got to the beach and the fun started. We didn't know for sure how Clancey would like it but he absolutly loved it. I think it was the first 2 hours of the entire vacation that we didn't have a baby fussing or a 4 year old whining about something so Jen loved it too ;) We may end of spending the rest of the vacation at the beach. We didn't end up leaving the beach until around 7:00 so we had a pretty full day. I've uploaded some pictures of the day at the beach for everyone to enjoy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Leaving the Beach

We just got done at the beach. It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be, 69 degrees. Marshall and Clancey had a great time. I'll have updated pictures as soon as we get home.
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Headed to the Beach

After an unsuccessful attempt to get both boys down for a nap we are getting ready to head to the beach. I'm sure the water is going to be horribly cold since the beach is on Lake Michigan side of the pennisula. I'm planning on bringing my wetsuit since I want to get in a 30 open swim too. I guess we'll see how up to that I feel when I feel that ice cold water.
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More Fun at Not Licked Yet

After our bike ride we stopped by Not Licked Yet for some frozen custard. Marshall really wanted to play on the equipment so we decided to stop. While we were there we took a picture of our 2 little knome's.
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Morning Bike Ride

This morning we decided to rent bikes and ride around Penninsula State Park. So we packed the boys in a pull behind cart and headed off. Keep in mind Jen hasn't riden a bike in 11 years so needless to say she is a little sore now. I do have to say despite that we all had a good time.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Legend of the Thorp House Inn Ghost

Apprently the Inn we are staying is haunted or at least it's a part of the Haunted Trolley Tour. Shortly after we checked in on Saturday we noticed that trolley's started to show up around 7:30 pm. The trolley would sit at the end of the driveway while the tour guide told a story and the people stared up at the house. It was Jen who finally figured out that it must be part of the Haunted Trolley Tour. So anyways, for the last four nights just like clockwork the trolley shows up at around 7:30 and the tour guide starts regailing the haunting tale. You know the more I think about it I don't how comfortable I am staying with the family in a haunted inn. Hmmm... Anyways on with the story.

Tonight when the trolley stopped Jen made an offhanded comment that I should run out in the drive and make scary ghost noises or something. If you know anything about me it really didn't take too much coaxing, ok truth is no coaxing at all, and I was out the door with a white sheet on me. I ran out into the yard and started to make crazy ghost noises and dance around like a ghost. No don't ask me how a ghost dances, ok, ok, it's kind of a derivative of a leprachaun dance mixed with bad drunken wedding dance. Well it didn't take to long for the whole trolley of people to see the assclown dancing in the yard with a sheet on and the whole trolley of people started to laugh like crazy. Shorty there after I took the sheet off waved to the crowd and headed inside.

I've attached a picture of the ghost that now haunts Thorpe House Inn and Cottages ;)

Vacation Day number 4

The day started off kind of rainy so we decided to spend the day doing all of the indoor things we had planned. As I was looking through the Door County tourist guide I noticed that there was a store that sold nothing but kites. So the first thing we did was head to the kite store to find the perfect kite for Marshall. He decided on a really neat pirate kite. Hopefully we get a windy day and Marsh and I can go out and fly it.

Next we headed off to Sister Bay to hit the Tannenbaum. For those that don't know the Tannenbaum is a store that only sells Christmas Decorations. Now normally this would be a fairly unexciting thing for the boys but the store has a huge Christmas village set up with a train that Marshall loves to see. Clancey on the other hand with his crazy long arms loves to try and grab every breakable thing in the place. So needless to say Clancey and Daddy didn't stay in the store for long. We went out and sat on the bench outside while Jen finish up her shopping.

Once we were done with the Tannenbaum we headed down to Sturgeon Bay for the afternoon. On the way down we took County Road B that runs along the Sturgeon Bay shoreline. Wow there are some damn nice houses on that road. I would be really neat to be rich and be able to afford a huge house on the water. Maybe someday in Rockwell gives me a huge raise ;)

Anyways when we got to Sturgeon Bay we headed straight to Perry's Cherry Diner for burgers and cherry pie. Perry's Cherry Diner is a 1950's style diner that is a must visit while your in Door County. Nice little cafe's are getting harder and harder to find anymore so it's kind of everyone's obligation to support the few remaining ones. Plus it doesn't hurt that they have some damn good cherry pie.

Shorty after our visit to the diner we headed over the the Door County Museum. This was our first vist to this museum and it was worth the trip. Most county museums are poorly funded and don't really do that great of job with their displays but this museum is an exception to this rule. While it's small the displays are well put together and very interesting to look at.

Finally the day was almost over so we decided we had better head for Fish Creek. On the way Clancey had finally had enough traveling for the day and had a major meltdown. We used this as an opportunity to stop at a really nice beach that's about 3/4 the way to Fish Creek. It seemed kind of windy so Marsh and I decided to get out his pirate kite and give it a try. We tried and tried but to no avail we just couldn't get that darn kite to fly. Once we gave up on this we headed for the beach. Wow!!! That water was ice cold!!! Of course neither Marsh or I put our swim trunks on so we were soaking wet when we got done. Kind of a side note to the story this is the second day in a row that Marshall got soaking wet and had to ride home naked. Maybe we should start bringing his swim suit with!

Well that kind of recaps the day here in Fish Creek. I've uploaded some pictures from the days events for those interested folks. Stay tuned for more updates.

Door County Museum

This afternoon after a trip to Perry's Cherry Diner we stopped at the Door County Museum. Here's a picture of Marshall driving the fire truck.
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At the Tannenbaum

No Chistmas didn't come early this year we are at the Tannenbaum. It is a store that sells Christmas decorations year round. It is quite neat place if you've never been there.
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Morning in Fish Creek

The morning in fish creek is one the most peaceful times. No hustle and bustle of tourists everywhere its just a nice time to be up and around.
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Scenic Trolley Ride and Picking Cherries

We all just got done with the Scenic Trolley ride through Fish Creek and Pennisula State park. In all the times we've been to Door County this is the first time we've taken the Trolley tour. It was very interesting and something not to be missed. Our Trolley driver was a retire gentleman who moved to Door County ten years ago. What a way to retire and spend the later part of your life in the Great Lakes area in Door County.

Once we got done with the tour Marshall, Jen, Clancey and I went to the cherry orchard for some cherry picking. I'll tell you what Door County Tart Cherries right off of the tree are damn good. Although, apparently they are a natural laxative so hopefully nobody has any unfortunate incidents this afternoon ;)

Anyways since I know Mema and Papa are closely following the vacation I've uploaded some pics of the neat things we saw today.

Door County Trolley Ride

We are getting ready to take off on a scenic trolley ride here in door county. Marshall and Clancey are both pretty excited about the ride. Right now Clancey is entertaining the other patrons on the trolley by announcing his excitment ;)
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Afternoon at Cana Island

This afternoon the family and I traveled over to the Lake Michigan side of the pennisula to Cana Island. Not only does Cana Island have one of the neatest lighthouses in door county but it is also one of the nicest areas to wade in the water. One of the prerequisites for a good vacation for Marshall is spending a lot of time in or near the water. So Marshall had a great time.

I wasn't really thinking that Marshall was a bit shorter then me so when the water was up to my knees it was past his waist. Needless to say by the time we were done Marshall was soaking wet. Now Clancey, on the other hand, isn't near as excited about the water. While he thinks it's great to look at he didn't want to get anywhere near it. Maybe next year he's become a water bug like Marshall.

Pictures from the Cana Island Trip

Fish Creek Playground

Marshall managed to find the nicest playground in Fish Creek. So of course he convinced daddy to stop and let him play for awhile. Although it did help that I got to eat an ice cream cone while he played ;)
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Morning at Sunset Beach

The first morning of vacation has been nice. I got up for a 5 mile run around pennisula park. Once I was showered the boys and I walked down to sunset beach. Here's a picture that a took of the boys posing by the water. Later today we promised Marshall that we would go walk in the water so we may head over to either Cave Point of Cana Island Light house.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

In Manitowoc

Well we made it Manitowoc for our first stop on the way to Fish Creek. We didn't do too bad for driving with 2 kids, 5 hours in the car before our first stop. I do have to stay there were some tears shed but for the most part this first part of the trip didn't go too bad.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Quick Detour Before Vacation

Well I had a quick detour with Marshall before I was able to start my vacation. Earlier this afternoon Marshall started to complain about an ear that hurt a little. In an effort to avoid cutting the vacation short we took a quick detour to the emergency room to get it checked out. Turns out he did have an ear infection so the trip was a good idea. Once we get his prescription filled I will officially be on vacation. Yeah!!! Marsh and I are going to stop and get some quesadillas and ice cream to help his ear feel better.
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Big Couple Weeks for Clancey

In the past few weeks not only has Clancey been growing like a weed but he has also started to crawl. On July 5th he took his first trepadatious crawls and by the end of the next week he was an expert at, not only crawling, but getting into things as well. Shortly after that he started to pull himself up on the edge of the couch to stand up and look around. I don't think it's going to be very long before he starts walking around! I've attached a picture to show how much he has grown.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Marshall is home!!!

Marshall just got home from a 10 day visit to mema and papa's house! He had a really great time. They went to a car show, the zoo, out to eat pizza and a number of other things that Marshall really likes. I'm surprised that he wanted to come home, to tell you the truth. Actually what finally made him want to come home was the fact that he missed Clancey. I guess mom and dad just don't stack up to grandma and grampa. I guess if I was 4 years old going all kinds of fun places and eat what I liked for every meal I wouldn't want to come home either.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Triathlon

Well I did my first Triathlon, the Cornman Triathlon, in preparation for Ironman Wisconsin. Had I actually done a triathlon before I signed up for the Ironman it's likely I wouldn't have signed up but I guess it's too late now. I didn't get as good as of time as would have liked but I did finish and didn't drown so I'm happy about that. I really thought the swim would go a little better then it did but it is a whole different story swimming in open water then it is in a pool. I was also amazed at how tired my legs were after the run. If your interesting in checking out the results here's a link.
If your looking for me I'm all the way down in 172nd place.

Apprently People Read my Blog

Well it looks like people actually read this blog and have requested I start to update it a bit more. So to all 3 of you avid readers out there I promise to update my blog on more of a regular basis. Maybe I will even attempt to upload a picture here and there :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Blackberry

I just got a new blackberry and wanted to see if I could blog from it.
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