Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treating

Marshall and I just got back from Marshall's first official trick or treating night. We've went in the past but we had only gone out for a few minutes and Marshall wanted to come back. In fact last year we couldn't even get Marshall to put his costume on. This year though, Marshall had a really great time. We were out for the whole time, an hour and a half, and Marshall got a huge bag of candy. The Chicken outfit was a huge hit too. Everyone we passed commented on how cute it was and at a few houses Marshall got a handful of candy because they said he had the best costume of the night. It's going to be hard to match the chicken outfit next year but I'm sure Jen is up to the challenge!


Marshall and I just got done making our Jack-O-Lanterns for trick-or-treating tonight. Yes I know, we did wait until the last minute to get it done but we did get it done. Anyways, Marshall drew a happy face on his and I made a sick face on mine.

Clancey's First Bath

Last night Clancey took his first bath or at least his first bath since he's be home. Clancey really enjoys getting his hair washed but he is not a big fan of being submerged in the tub and getting his body washed. To tell you the truth neither was Marshall, at least the first few times, but once he got used to it he did better. Hopefully, with an luck, Clancey will start to like his baths a little more and not cry like we are trying to drown him in the future.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Marshall Preschool Halloween Party

Today was the big preschool Halloween party. Marshall went dressed as probably the cutest chicken in the world. I have to say that I think that Marshall had the best Halloween costume out of the bunch. Truth be told the chicken outfit was supposed to be his Halloween costume last year but we couldn't convince him to actually put in on and trick or treat, hence why it is this years costume. I'm glad he got to use it because Jen went to a lot of work hand making the costume and she was disappointed when he wouldn't wear it last year. I suspect when Clancey gets to be about 3 he will be a chicken also ;)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Clancey is home

Jen and I have Clancey home and we've survired our first night. I will say it is a bit easier this time then it was last time. Not that Jen and I are experts by any means but we certainly aren't near as scared and clueless as we were with Marshall. Clancey isn't really much of a night time sleeper yet. He is a bit better then Marshall was but he did keep Jen up for most of the night. Both her and Clancey are sleeping right now in preparation for another long night.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My 2 Boys

Here is a picture I really like of me with my boys :)

Headed home

Well looks like we get to head home today. They plan on discharging us around 12:00 today and Clancey gets to go home for the first time. Marshall is really excited to have his new little brother at home. While I'm looking forward to getting home it sure was nice to have nurses to had the baby off too at night. Tonight will be our first night on our own and just like with Marshall I expect it to be tiring.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

Update on Mom

Well after just over 7 hours Jen had her second baby. She is doing fine. The labor was a little rough she went from 5 cm to 10 cm in 30 minutes. She also managed to do it all with out an epideral which, being a man, seems insane to me. She only pushed for about 10 minutes about 4 times from what I can remember. Clancey is also doing very well waiting on his baby test results right now. I'll update you when I get them.

Clancey's Vitals

Clancey Dylan VanOort

7 lbs 10 oz

21 inches

Welcome to the World Clancey Dylan VanOort

At 3:39 today Clancey Dylan VanOort was born :)

Jen's Labor Progress - 2:30

Things seem to be moving along now. Jen's contractions are a minute and half apart and she is doing a good job breathing thru them.

Jen's Labor Progress - 2:00

Not much new to report. Jen has moved from the bed to the labor ball and much to my surprise it actually does seem to be working. I asked to labor nurse, Shannon, about the next time her cervix will be check and she said it may be a while. Since Jen's water is broken and she is GB positive they will only check when doctor ordered or if something changes, so cervix updates will be few and far between at this point. Jen still seems adament to not use any pain drugs during this labor and appears to be doing a good job at it. Jen just report a contraction at 7 pain level so I think active labor has started. Right now I would guess we are 5-6 hours from birth.

Jen's Labor Progress - 1:35

The pitocin is really doings it's job now. Jen is contracting pretty hard one right after the other. They haven't checked her cervix since noon so we don't know what kind of progress is being made but I would bet we are finally getting the job done. Jen has decided against any kind of pain medication at this point and the nurse and doctor are both impressed. I guess they don't know that she is an Anderson women. On a side note Jen has just decided to try the labor ball to see if it helps. I guess we will see how that works.

Jen's Labor Progress - 12:50

Well the nurse just started the pitocin and it appeared to start doing the job right away. Jen looks to be contracting quite a bit harder already. The smiles are pretty much gone and at this point it appears we are entering into active labor. With pitocin you have to take blood pressures every half hour so Jen is hooked up to quite the contraption at this point. I will just keep trying to remind her "At least her toes feel great!"

Jen's Labor Progress - 12:35 pm

From last update the smiles have faded a bit. We were unable to walk the halls at all from last update because Jen's contractions are starting to become strong enough she has to breath through most of them. This good hopefully we will be making the move to active labor soon.

The nurse just came in for our noon cervix check. Jen has advanced just slightly to 3 cm. Since she isn't really advancing as fast as Dr. Olson would like they are going to start pitocin at 12:45. Hopefully this will really get things rolling for Jen.

The nurse just brought in a labor ball for Jen to try during her labor. We'll see how that goes. Being a man I don't know much about labor but from what I can tell it hurts like hell no matter what and a simple ball isn't really going to help. I guess well see how it goes.

Jen's Labor Progress - 11:30

Well we just got done walking again and the nurse stopped in to see how everything was going. They said they are going to check her at noon and then consult with Dr. Olson to see what she wants to do. Either continue with the walking or maybe go to pitocin. Jen's contractions are continuing to grow so hopefully when they check again she will have advanced some from the 2.5 cm she was at 8:45 this morning. Jen is still all smiles and really wants to get things going.

Jen's Labor Progress - 10:45

The nurse just left, they still haven't checked her cervix. Jen just informed me the they won't be checking her cervix again until noon. I guess I have to start listening better when the nurses come in ;) While the nurse was in the room just had a pretty strong contraction and commented to Jen "You tolerate those really well, I'm impressed."
The nurse just checked Jen's blood sugar it was 82 so they are going to give her a popsicle to eat to try and elevate it.

Jen's Labor Progress - 10:25

Well we just got back from yet another walk. This time she was having more contractions that were strong enough she had to breath through most of them. The nurse should be back in a few minutes to check her cervix and let us know if she is making any progress.

During some of her stronger contractions Jen's has adopted to saying "At least my toes feel good!"

Jen's Labor Progress - 9:45 am

Well there doesn’t seem to be any real progress so far. Her contractions are getting a little stronger but still not enough to put her into active labor. We are getting ready to walk the halls again to try and get things going.

Jen's Labor Progress - 9:00 am

Jen has had some pretty strong contractions over 80 on the scale. They are getting ready to let her start walking the halls to try to get her contractions moving along. We are going to have a push her IV pole with her because they are giving her antibiotics. They are giving her antibiotics because she is streep B positive. Well off to walk hopefully it gets things moving.

Jen's Labor Progress - 8:45 am

Here we are at the hospital, right now Jen currently has a smile on her face and is anticipating the rough day of labor ahead. At 8:35 Dr. Joy Olson came in to check on Jen and manually broke her water for her. They are going to have her try and advance her cervix on her own until noon today. If she isn’t advancing by then they will give her pitocin to start her contracting. Her contractions are slowly starting to grow she just had one the registered over 80 on the contraction scale. Jen just commented on how she enjoys being with it this time and not being drugged up like last time on sleeping pills and pain killers.