Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Blog Has Moved!

As part of my resolution to blog more I've decided to move my blog to a service that has more apps for mobile devices.  Here is the new location of my blog.  

Monday, January 01, 2018

New Year

It’s the new year and I have to say last year was quite the year for the VanOort family.  I spent 3 months in Europe and visited 5 countries in the process.  I was awarded as an engineer of the year finalist, we got a pet pig and Jen opened her store.  These are all things I totally failed at capturing because I didn't really update my blog last year.  This year I have resolved to actually get back to updating my blog.  If nothing else it will be a great record to have years from now and our lives are less exciting.  Over the course of the year I will try to go back in fill in the past before I totally forget everything. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Favorite Way To Enjoy the Morning

With this being my last full day on the island I decided I had better enjoy my room with a view as much as I possibly can.  For the whole week I've gotten up early, made coffee and enjoyed a solid hour sitting in the sun room enjoying the view (and reading twitter on my phone).  In all the times we've come to Beaver Island we've never had a place with such a great view and it's going to be hard Sunday morning when I wake up to not be able to sit out here and enjoy it.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Iron Ore Bay

Turned out to be a spectacular day to go down to Iron Ore Bay. It was warm, the waves were big and we had the beach to ourselves.  Ended up playing down here for about 2 hours and sucked in every last bit of vacation we could.  We still have a day left but vacation is quickly coming to an end.

Big Birch and Big Rock

It's just not a trip to Beaver Island without your picture with Big Birch and Big Rock. As you can see the weather cleared up a little, at least it isn't raining anymore, so we were able to get out.  Not sure how it's going to be at Iron Ore Bay but I guess as long as it isn't cold hanging out on the beach in the rain probably won't be the big of deal.

Rainy Morning

This morning we got up to a bit rain on the island and decided that at least this morning is an indoor day for us.  As you can see we all piled into the sun room with a view and found something to entertain ourselves with.  Marshall and I played some Magic The Gathering, Clancey watched the Flash on Netflix and Jen read a book.  This afternoon if it clears up the plan is to head to Iron Ore Bay but we will see how the day goes.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Afternoon By The Beach

This afternoon was another lazy afternoon by the beach and the realization that it's Wednesday and vacation is coming to an end. Not looking forward to getting back to real life again because it's back to school for the boys and digging in deep in my new job. I guess that's just the way it is, can't vacation forever, eventually you do have to head home. Maybe i can win the lottery in the next year and then i could vacation forever:-)

The Puzzle

Yesterday when Marshall and I went golfing Clancey and Jen started a puzzle and it became all consuming. Last night Jen went to bed at 11pm and then first thing this morning was back at it. Finally around 11am this morning i got involved in working on the puzzle and around 2 today we finished. The Puzzle wasn't so bad until we got the the blue part and it took forever. Glad that is over.

Burning Breakfast

This morning I told Jen that I would get up and make breakfast for the family so she could enjoy her vacation a bit more. Plan was to make scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage and toast.  Turns out they must have gotten the extra stick pans and the stove top cooks at the fire of thousand suns. At one point in the process I had nearly everything burning at once. Smoke is billowing off the sausage as I'm trying to run the pan outside to keep it from filling the house. The eggs are over cooking and the hash browns are burning to the botto of the pan.  All the while I'm swearing up a storm.  I did finally get things under control again breakfast was a little overcooked.  Probably not going to offer to make breakfast again  ;-)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sunset On the Island

This evening as I was grilling brats outside I looked up and noticed the sunset looked very beautiful. I snapped a picture of it and thought to myself that I really need to get a place out here. I told Jen that her shop needs to take off so that we can afford to have our own place on Beaver Island. 


After a failed attempt to find frogs at Lake Genesorath we headed over to Font Lake on the North side of the island to try again. This time as you can see above we were successful. There weren't a lot of frogs but there were enough for the boys to have some fun. After this adventure I've decided Clancy is an animal Whisperer, he can seem to calm down the animals and they'll just sit there for him. I guess they can tell he's an animal lover. 

Lake Genesorath

Today we headed down to Lake Genesorath to see if we could find any frogs. Last year this was a huge hit because there were so many frogs. This year we haven't found any frogs or fish for that matter. We have found some mussels and did see a floating plane take off from the lake which was cool. 

Morning Golf

This morning Marshall and I headed over to the golf course to play 9 holes of golf. It had been a while since I played golf so I was a bit worried about how it would go but turned out to go well. The woman who worked at the course recognized me and welcomed me back which is surprising since I didn't play much last year. I think every time I golf there I see some sort if wild life and weren't disappointed this time. We saw 3 deer on hole number 4 which was pretty neat. This afternoon I think the plan is to go to the lake and see if we can find some frogs.

Favorite Time Of The Day

This is one of my favorite times of the day in Beaver Island. Sitting in the sun room in the morning with a cup of coffee enjoying the sound of the waves and the cool morning breeze. There just is nothing like it and what bring me back to Beaver Island year after year. Someday I would like to have a home out here so i could enjoy this every summer morning. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Mema and Papa Visit

Hard to see from the picture above but Mema and Papa are on the boat.  Like always we invited them out to enjoy a day in our house with us.  Since they had already been on vacation for a few days they weren't able to stay all night but they did get to enjoy most of the day with us on the island.